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This LJ will be a fanfic depository. Mostly X-Files, but who knows what the future might bring. I wrote under a few different names back in the day -- mostly Lysandra, Gnatalie, Teigen, and ... I think that was it. So I'll be putting up my old stories, and some new ones too.


Pimping the three-sentence fic-a-thon...


It's so short even I could manage one! Here's mine in answer to the prompt "The Hunger Games, Cinna and Katniss or Cinna/Katniss, art and artifice."

Retro!Fic. "Tit for Tat," 2002?

Title: Tit for Tat
Author: Lysandra
Rating: NC-17
E-Mail: Lysandra@socal.rr.com or Lysandra31@aol.com
URL: http://lysandrafic.livejournal.com
Classification: MSR, cliched old-school PWP smut
Spoilers: Extremely vague for FTF; otherwise, nothing specific.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions, & Twentieth Century Fox.
Distribution: Please ask permission first.
Summary: "You ask me a question, I ask you a question, total honesty, five questions each."

Big Beta Thanks to Audrey Roget, Jemirah, Juliettt, Narida Law, and Trixie for the encouragement and nitpicking...

This is an old story, written in ... 2002 maybe?

Smut behind the cut. Oh, and yell if you see any typos or formatting weirdness, 'cause I'm tired and this went from Gossamer to AO3 to here and then I tried to fix the line-break situation, and ... yeah.Collapse )

Retro!Fic. "Truncated," circa 1999/2000.

TITLE: Truncated (1/1)
AUTHOR: Lysandra
E-MAIL: Lysandra@socal.rr.com or Lysandra31@aol.com
DISTRIBUTION: Please ask first.
SPOILERS: Set in the 6th season; specific references to Ascension, Arcadia, & FTF
CLASSIFICATION: Story Romance Angst; Mulder/Scully UST; MSR
SUMMARY: Scully and Mulder find themselves in a tight spot. Spooning
DISCLAIMER: "The X-Files" is the property of Chris Carter, 1013
Productions, and Twentieth Century Fox. Believe me, no money has found its
way into my hands because of this story.
NOTES: Okay, I stole the idea from the film "Out of Sight." I admit it.
THANKS: To all my beta readers and pals who helped out immensely and made
the writing of this story extra-fun.... Brandon, Brynna, Erly, Leilia,
Magdeleine, Pebbles, and shannono.
EXTRA-SPECIAL THANKS: To my dad, who didn't ask questions when I asked him
to lock me in the trunk of his Chevy Lumina, and for letting me out when I
started to panic after, oh, twenty agonizing seconds. And what's the
dumbest thing *you've* done in the name of fanfic?</p>


Too long for LJ, so click here to read: http://archiveofourown.org/works/94257

TITLE: Something from Morrison in VCU

AUTHOR: Lysandra

E-MAIL: Lysandra@socal.rr.com or Lysandra31@aol.com

DISTRIBUTION: With permission only, please.

SPOILER WARNING: Nothing specific.



SUMMARY: Scully reads her e-mail.

DISCLAIMER: "The X-Files" belong to Chris Carter, Ten Thirteen Productions,
and Twentieth Century Fox. I'm just a girl with an odd yearning to write
second person narrative.

AUTHOR'S NOTE 1: This isn't a new fic: It was first posted in February 2000.

AUTHOR'S NOTE 2: This was born out of the POV thread on Scullyfic, combined
with the Love Letter Challenge ... Heaven knows I can't resist a challenge,
even if it's self-imposed. This was my first try at 2nd person POV. Was it
at all successful??

THANKS: Brandon, Leilia, Narida, and Trixie. I love you guys, I really do.

Fic behind this cut.Collapse )
(crossposted to my own LJ)

LJ is being weird about formatting, so here's a link to the new story. It's NC-17 and/or Mature, rated as such for smuttin' and sexin'.

The Two Percent Solution 01: Distraction at AO3. Post-episode/missing scene for the pilot, the beginning of a smutty series. Enjoy.